like isnt there a way to update an rss feed without using other programs?
i have an .rss feed and it has like 10 entries or whatever they are callled but its only because i cant update it manually everytime i want to. that would be rediculous.

also ihave some doubts about the whole feed being on one .rss file. it creeps me out because what if ihave like 1000 entries in a couple years what do i do then? wouldnt that be a REALLY BIG FILE?

what is the best way(without any outside programs) to manage a feed.

im new to feeds i need help. im sick of copy and pasting and making a new entry whenever i want to update the feed.

and i was thinking about fwrite() to write the file but i dont know if i wrote the file over and over again it seems rediculous. anyone know or have any ideas of what i can do?

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Where is the information coming from ? In sites I've made, the RSS feed is generated by PHP and a template to show the 10 latest news items. The latest 10 should suffice, because most readers store the history if you want, so there is not need to show all your items.

so rss.php is ok like people can subscribe to that with their feed readers? its coming from right now im manually typing it out but it would be coming from a mysql databse

Yes, you can just code rss.php to output a valid xml file.

ok well i made a new thread about the error im getting with it

nice tips! gotta learn something here guys

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