i want to create a form containing :

1. drop down list of countries (that i managed to create)
2. action on selection (redirect to a link on country selection)
3. post the selected option into a text box below and remeber (if possible)

The remeber part is optional .

I want a form where user will select country , based on the selection to be redirected to a link and message display , you selected : [textarea]Option[/textarea]

can it be done?

Yes and no. Yes if you use select tag and either a form (with server) or a function (javascript). There are many way to implement this. Not suggested (no) if you want to use textarea. Even though you could associate textarea tag with select options, it is not proper. There is an option tag to use with select tag already. If you really want to use textarea tag which is supposed to act like option tags, you can do it and will need some javascript, but it would be a messy code.

The way to implement it? I suggest you to read more in form, input, select, and option tags. The reason is that I believe this is an assignment assigned to you. The redirection you are talking about may be done using a form with a submit button or pure javascript when a user select an option.