When trying to return all results from my table using odbc_result_all i find that it will print all the results except the last one. I'm not sure why its doing this or if an Access database takes a while for the results to be updated when queried?

Can anyone help?


if (!$conn)

{exit("Connection Failed: " . $conn);}

$postlocation = $_POST['t1'];
$postresponsible = $_POST['t2'];

$results="SELECT * FROM BackupLog WHERE 
Location = '$postlocation' 
AND Responsible = '$postresponsible'";

$lastresult="SELECT MAX(Location) FROM BackupLog WHERE Location = '$postlocation'";

$rs=odbc_exec($conn, $results);
$last=odbc_exec($conn, $lastresult);

while (odbc_fetch_array($rs)){

$servername=odbc_result($rs, "Servername");

$results2 = odbc_result_all($rs, "border=1");

echo $results2;

echo "</table>";	


while (odbc_fetch_row($last)){

$lastone=odbc_result($rs, "19_10_2010");

echo $lastone;


the last part of it is me trying to echo out the last row of the database, just ignore that bit.