I am working on a simple tool for my office.We have a very huge database with 5000 tables. All the tables, Columns and their attributes are stored in to excel sheet.

Tool I am designing is for mapping between front end and back end values. Now I will use an image (front end screen of our application) , when user clicks it, I need the HTML to access the excel sheet and display the back end field,the name of tables it can be found in and other data related to that field

Simply,I want to pull data from excel and display them differently for each different click. I want to pass the parameter on click and filter a column in excel with it and display the entire set of sheet with this criteria. Is this possible? or am I expecting too much

Only HTML, no. You'll need some server language to connect to the excel table using ODBC for example and pull the data from there.

@aquilax thank you for the reply

My intention is not to use any server, any user with internet explorer should be able to use it. I did some google and found it can be done by using javascript. I wanted you to help me out in this :)

Microsoft's Data Binding Architecture may help.

You will need to explore whether you can bind directly to Excel Worksheets. I guess that the CSV equivalents would be more assured but that could be automated if necessary.

I have never tried this and don't know anyone who has.


I have seen many people using javascript to write and read the data from access. Can some one help me on this, using javascript,MDB and HTML

Then maybe it would be a good idea to ask one of those people.