I am self taught in php only. now im starting to learn javascript as well. I have noticed so far that I can dynamically creat my pages, forms, validation etc... with js just like i can with php. (at least that seems true so far from what i am learning). My Q is: Is one better to use for this? if so, then why. It seems to me that page creation and other basics being dynamically created client side would be better than being created server side. Am I correct in this thinking?

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I'll ask a question back: how are you going to provide a full website (menu's and content) to your user, using only javascript.

Which is better for your needs, a van or a 4 door sedan? Without more info, the only real answer is "it all depends".

You don't need to choose because you can use both. Some things can only be done in Javascript but having that within a PHP context gives you the server side with a database and so forth. I have used JQuery within PHP programs and that works quite well and allows you to have the best of both worlds.

well, I am obviously a noob..lol Its just from what i have seen of js, it can be used to write html just like php. aside from database usage.
So, traditionally, i would use php as primary.. for outputting html, querying DB, etc... ???. I was just kinda thrown for a loop when i started learning js (today), and started seeing that it had alot of the capabilities as php. I have been using php for everything so far. Now its time to expand into js I think. I have no other background or education in programming other than what i've learned in php. I appreciate all your feedback. :)

just a suggestion:
javascript is very complicated... specially when your coding native javascript... i recommend you make use of the most popular javascript library today... which is jQuery; It will make your life more easier... ^_^

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php will create pages that everybody can use as it is 'served' via your web server. js can only work if it is enabled (to varying degrees) by the user's browser. Some browsers have compatibility issues, so native js can be problematic. Thankfully js libraries/frameworks such as jQuery take out the pain. Mind you, if an user turns off js - they won't be able to use your site properly, unless you have some sophisticated fallback (known as progressive enhancement).

Ajax is all the rage at the moment, and this *usually* uses php + js working together - js calls a php script which may then be further processed by js. Very useful for refreshing/loading parts of a page without a full page reload. It can also be used to update a db/ send email etc etc without page redirect/reload.

just a suggestion:
javascript is very complicated... specially when your coding native javascript... i recommend you make use of the most popular javascript library today... which is jQuery; It will make your life more easier... ^_^

Thank you, that has been another one of my issues... trying to get some direction as I am totally new to all of this. I appreciate your suggestion. :)

in answer to your question, i would hesitate to answer based on the fact that you haven't said what your creating. You cannot possible create an entire website from source code? Even if it is possible it take maybe many hundreds of lines of code to do.

If you are talking about small pages such as on the fly pages with dynamic content, then PHP definitely as it runs and executes much faster than javascript.

You cant choose JS over PHP they are designed to accomplish different tasks.
Combine them both to have a powerful and dynamic website.

Awesome advise guys.. thanks. I am trying to get into web development & design. So, i greatly appreciate the advise... all of you! :) so, I should probably learn some basics of javascript to learn the syntax (which i've noticed is very very similar to PHP), and then focus on something like ajax? So, far i have learned the basics of php, all the loops, arrays, cookie, sessions, form submission etc... I think i have a good foundation with php so far. pretty much all the common stuff that's on most web sites (as far as php goes) I can now do fairly comfortably.

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OK, I see that this is solved, but just another observation - as mentioned previously, php and js are used for different purposes. Although there can be some crossover in functionality, The 'site workhorse' should be server-side (php). The 'sparkle' comes from js. Sites can function just fine without any js. In fact, js is slooow, and should, in my opinion be used sparingly. If you've accessed a site via your mobile/Blackberry etc, you'll see 'running script' about 5 times on heavy js sites. By the end of all that, I've lost the will to live.

If you can reduce the js to a minimum, mobile users will thank you. You could always design an alternative site for mobiles though.

yes ajax is more advance it's the combination of PHP and javascript... that allows you to request data on the server without refreshing the page

As mentioned a couple of times, you will get the benefit of a lot of good Javascript work by using JQuery. I have used it very successfully without any great understanding of javascript. Personally, I find Javascript more complicated than PHP so I'd just as soon let someone else take care of the details. Most common things have already been developed more than once as JQuery Plugins so you have a wide choice of all sorts of effects. Ajax is useful if you want forms fields that react to what you enter without refreshing the whole page but it isn't intended to address the wide range of features that you get using a Javascript library like JQUERY.

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