Hi all,
i am developing a small webapp.In that I am getting database connection when user logs in,and storing it in session.and i am closing the connection and invalidating session when user logs out.
is the above design is correct or not.I dont want to use connection pooling.


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From what you said, you make it sound like that you close the connection when the use logs out; Which is wrong.
The rest seem correct, but since your description is kind of vague here is a small suggestion:

In a method:

open connection
validate username, password given
close connection and everything else opened (ResultSet, ...)
return true/false

When trying to login call that method. The method needs to be put in a separate class.

Depending on what returned:
- Log in
- Put username in session.

Upon logout:
- Remove username from session.
- Invalidate session

But the connection needs to be closed immediately when done using it. If you need to run something else open a new one. But don't keep it open throughout the session.

You are probably already doing what I just said, but just in case I misunderstood what you said, I offered my version of login/logout

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