I want to start this new project for my own site, but I'm not really sure on how to start. Was wondering if anyone could help start me off, with some ways to organize and start it out.

Basically I want to start a hockey league script, that contains 30 teams and it tracks stats for that team, and the players on those teams.

I've created a script that can handle a single team site, now I just want to expand it to a league script that can handle multiple teams at once. If anyone knows how I would go about starting this, or if there are any pre-made scripts out there.

If you have a script like this and are selling it, you can let me know, I'd be interested. Thanks again.

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I built a system like that for use on a much larger and broader scale. It is sold as a service so the actual system isn't for sale (and would be much more than you need). If you can find a system that does most of what you need, that will certainly give you a head start. I have been working on my system and continue to find new things to improve or add after 5 years of development. Your other option is to look at something like Team Pages where you just pay something to use their service.

You can see some available systems by clicking on the link below:


Hi BTW, as this is a php help forum, you leave us very little to do. I'd say your first call would be to figure out what data you need to store and display (not always the same thing) and then go about designing your DB. Your site should then build around this. You'll need a few display options, perhaps login functionality, perhaps data input/edit forms (just for admin). Sign up for your newsletter forms, RSS etc etc.

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