I've been having problems with web browsing that I think may be related to Javascript.
I use forum sites like www.ernya.com and there I get logged out every few minutes/seconds. I've found that clearing my cache regularly seems to help a little, but it doesn't fix the problem. Other forum/avatar sites like Solia and Zaffcast don't work properly either, Solia was the site that first alerted me that my javascript may not be enabled. Since then, I have seen other sites that also require javascript that say that my Javascript is not enabled.

I'm using Firefox, and my Javascript is certainly enabled in tools> options> content. I'm also having the same problems in IE, Opera and Safari (I haven't tried Chrome yet).
I've done some javascript tests and it is working, but evidently not properly.

There is another thing that confuses me, it's the fact that if I use my phone as a modem, I don't have this problem. So could it have something to do with my internet connection?

I am using Windows XP, by the way

This problem has been bugging me for long enough, and I think it's time to fix it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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How can I fix it?

You have to be experimental.

I'm not a networking expert, especially not in this kind of configuration, but I guess that using the phone as a modem has something to do with it.

If you're feeling brave then try running for a short while with the computer's firewall disabled.

If that fixes the issues, then raise the fireall again and try changing its settings (eg. to regognise the phone/gateway as "trusted"?). Make a note of the settings before you start playing so you can put them straight again.

Another thought, you may have a double firewall - computer and phone. That could only make things more restrictive.

Another diagnostic technique - if you have the means to try it, put the computer online via someone's cable broadband connection. My guess is that the issues would disappear.

You could always try Googling "problems with mobile phone as modem" or similar and see if you can track down decent advice/discussion on the subject.

Good luck


Okay maybe it wasn't very clear, but it's the other way around. I only have this problem while on my normal broadband connection, I tested it with my phone, and that way it works perfectly (just slower). I'll just check the firewall for the broadband connection then...

Thanks for the help, though

Doh! My mistake. But same principle applies - keep trying differnet settings (and make notes as you go).

I can also think of some OS issues there... You never know on Windows... =)
Are those sites using cookies? Are cookies enabled? Maybe your system erases them, and if the sites don't find their cookie, they're gonig to log you out...

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