I am not sure if anyone from here can help me with Oscommerce, I have tried at the forum on Oscommerce but have not got any answers as yet.
What I want find out how I can do the following.:

When you click on one of the categories, it displays the products with in that category and then when you click on one of the products it will display the discription, image of the product and cost.

What I want to do is skip the all product list and display all the products in a row with the pruduct name , discription, product image and product price.

It can be done, it all depends on what language you are planning on using in achieving this, Java etc?

Let us know and we can see if we are able to help.:)

Oscommerce is PHP/MYsql

Cool, I've asked for this to be moved to PHP. I'm sure you will have a better chance to getting a full solution over there. Happy coding.:)

Thank you

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