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Currently, i'm working on sms processing. I need to create an application to receive and store the sms in database. I have tried this with vb.But i didn't work perfectly.Could anybody help me on how to receive sms and store in php without using any third-party software? Since i'm new to this software development side, I really need help and guidance from the people who knows this well.Tq

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Not possible without a third party (unless you own your own wireless company with their own network)

This has been covered many times in this forum. You can do a search on SMS and you should find a bunch of previous posts. In a nutshell you can send an SMS like an email as long as you know the cell phone provider, the person's cell phone address and the email address format for SMS messages used by that provider. The format will be something like nnnnnnnnnn@xxx.com where nnnnnnnnn is the phone number and the rest is defined by the cell phone provider.

You can't receive SMS messages in your program without subscribing to an SMS message service who can provide the 2 way connection. If you do that, then you won't need to know the cell phone provider in order to send a message (the SMS message service will figure that out).

Please I've been able to implement sending of sms from my php site using smslive247 API. But now I want to be able to receive sms from phones to the same site. please someone should put me through.

You can use a "data stick" USB modem from your favourite (and cheapest) mobile network operator

In Linux you can use USB_ModeSwitch to switch the midem from data to modem mode and then it looks like a USB serial port

Simple code your own SMS commands to the modem and interpret the results OR use something like "SMS Server Tools 3" to send & receive. Note that any required scripts for SMS Server Tools 3 can be coded in PHP

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