How to make a php mailing form that will send emails to my email address by checking spam and if spam email send to my email address then it will automatically remove the spam email. How i can make this type of php form?
Is this types of script are available for free?
Thank you.

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Thank you for helping me.
but how this mail can be send to many email address .

Store the email address in a database or set of array... By looping structure, you can get mail address one by one and insert it into the "To" area of mail() function. It will definitely works... Try it. Still if you have any probs, let me know. I will always with you...

Thank you
but i am new to making php scripts . So i will be very grateful if you show the code thank you.

Follow the below shown code...


// If you stored the 'to' address of the users in the field 'email_id' of table named 'table_name', just get all by the below query..
$sql=mysql_query("Select email_id from table_name");

// This loop structure, which gets the email_id one by one and send the mail using mail() function...

// If you need to send the same message to all users mail id, just follow the above code... Otherwise, use array for message to store and make a for loop inside and replace $message with $message[$i] (array elements)....


Hope you can understand.. If still obtain any probs, pls let me know...

thank you i can do it! but is it possible to make an auto reply to the submitted mail addresses .

What do you refer by "auto reply"..? Explain me.. i wil help u..?

i mean auto responder.
is it possible to make an auto responder to the submitted mail addresses .

Would you like to get mail delivery report or mail reply control for user that you have sent mail...?


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