I have the below code and it works fine except the part where I need to access data.Picture. I know its a syntax error but I can't seem to understand what.

$.post("rpc.php",arr, function(data)

Like always appreciate the help :)

Try with this while appending the response data to the div,don't know whether that works..


I was hoping I could access the variable in data by something like data.Picture ?


Ok..I think you can do it in jQuery.Suppose want to access class test which is the response html.Put a div outside it on the page(rpc.php)like ..

<div><div class="test"/> </div>

With tha Ajax response data

$.post("rpc.php",arr, function(data)
//We won't get html from 'data' because it is variable, so
   var content = $(data).find('.test').html();

@developer thank you it worked !!

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