I have a website that allows people to come an upload images. When that person uploads an image it renames it according to who is uploading it. So every time that person logs on and changes his image, it will overwrite the old image. That person will only have one image at any given time. If this person logs on and uploads and image and then changes his mind and uploads a different image, I was getting an error that the file was being used by another process. I disposed and garbage collected and now it works fine. I uploaded it to my server and in mozilla it is still working fine. When I try running the program in IE, it errors out and tells me that the file is being used by another process. Anyone have any ideas? I'm getting pretty desperate. I can't figure out how this can work in one browser and not in another?

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You may try Process Explorer and see which process is locking the file.

Hope it helps.

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I downloaded this and another program (emco Unlock it) and they both say that the file is not being used by another process. What could be the reason for this?

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