Its been couple of month i started learning php. I am using xampp, php version 5.3.1, notepad++ to edit. I wanted to use a debugger, so downloaded xdebug5.3vc6 32bit version and DBGp plugin, did the changes as mentioned here.

Problem is php is not recognising xdebug. when i run phpinfo(), there is no sign of xdebug.

I have refered to the following threads,
and did some trial, but no use.

i noticed that my php.ini doesnt have anything like "[zend]" section, but when i run phpinfo(), some feature of zend are displayed as follows Zend Extension:220090626, Zend Extension Build:API220090626,TS,VC6.
is php not recognising xdebug because of this issue??

i have restarted apache every time i did changes in php.ini. Restarting in the sense, i stop and start the apache running from xampp control panel on my desktop, i hope this is the right way of doing it. if not pls tell me..

is there anyone out there using the php5.3.1 with xdebug sucessfully, asking this because i read in few threads that latest version on php is not compatible with xdebug, please help me configure this pleeeeeeeeaseee

woooohooooooooo the issue is resolved..
mistake was that i had to restart the system, while i was just restarting apache..
anyways, the issue is fixed..

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