How can I store youtube latest vedio in my mySql database dynamically. I want all the latest data will store dynamically at a perticular time.

Suppose, if I click the video and copy and past the link from youtube in my site, it will display that link, but I want this work should done by dynamically. Like some function will fire at a certain time and if it will find from youtube any recent video, it will automatically store in my database.

Please help me,


we have tested, but this is not working. can you please guide us?

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Guide you where? Tested what? Where's your code? I'd be surprised if you managed to explore the YT API in the time it took for you to read my last post and post yours.

I bet your problem is on line 307 - you've left out a ';' In addition, your mysql_query in line 209 has a single quote that isn't escaped.

Ardav you are still my favourite poster on daniweb! So much knowledge! I hate you for knowing everything i would like to know about PHP! -.- keep up the great work!

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Aw shucks, :)

I'm such a know-all, but the truth is, I know nothing!

If you really want to see some php know-how, check out kkeith, cwarn (as well as others too numerous to mention).

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You can use cronJobs... it's like a robot that visit a page with your parameters or no parameters in a time you want... i dont know more about this... cronjobs or cjobs is like facebook, when someone in the week is going to havea birthday, it deliver you a mail... is something like that...