I'm looking to create a simple form with PHP that will allow users to attach multiple files. For example, I'd like to offer these five fields:

- First Name (text)
- Last Name (text)
- Word Document (browse)
- PDF Document (browse)
- Excel Document (browse)

I am new to PHP, but have access to a server that already has PHP compiled onto it. It's very old; but I remember that when it was compiled, that it allowed users to attach files to a form which then wrote them into a database. Because of this, I believe that this PHP installation is probably capable of allowing users to attach files to a form and then e-mail the files along with the other form data.

I am attaching the server's PHP Info in an image, so that it can be seen by you if this server already has what is needed to process a form that has attachments as part of it. I'm hopeful that this server is "good to go," as I wouldn't know anything about re-compiling the PHP installation to add features to it.

If it appears that I have what I need... please let me know. And if you have a good tutorial in mind on how to write the simple form, please point me in that direction. After Google-ing phrases such as "php attachment file form" all day, I'm getting confused (especially since a lot of examples point to "<form action="upload.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">" as a solution and I do not have a file called "upload.php").

Thank you much in advance,