Hey All,
I've been googling and phping (doesn't quite sound as good) and I can't seem to find any references or even what it is called.
Here is my current situation:
We have a webserver running at production.company.com
In directories below that, we have web-applications such as
etc (those are not real apps, btw. The last one interest me, though)

Each application has it's own files creating a "shell" around it. Each shell has a common look and feel across the server (so the timeTracker looks the same as the calculator except that the content is different).

We just found out that we are changing to a new format, and what I want to do is possibly develop a generic shell that can call the applications as requires or includes (I know that it will involve completely re-working a lot of the applications, but we will have to do that anyway). What I'm looking for is this:
I can currently do this:
and that will pull up the application with the new generic framework around it.
What I want to do instead is this, though:
production.company.com/index/timeTracker OR

If you're wondering "what is he talking about??" then you're probably not the only one.
I know that this is partly possible, most blogs use it for their archives.

Can anyone tell me how this is done or tell me what it's called or point me the right direction?

Thanks Everyone!

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Actually that's accomplished quite easily with a little Apache voodoo known as ModRewrite. Lets say you are using the fake directory app

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^app/(.*)/?$ /index.php?app=$1

Place that in the .htaccess file and it will be completely transparent to the user.

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