Hi all,

I just wanted to know that which is the best and cost effective web hosting service provider for jsp,servlets and Mysql database.


This is objective question as it all depends on number of things which can be loosely put together as geographical location, financial aspects (hos much you willing to pay) and hardware and software (can you buy extra space, memory, bandwith, buy preconfigured server or can you upload your own Java container (Tomcat/Jetty/JBoss/GlassFish) or database (My SQL, Postresql, etc) )
Example from my experience:

  1. hostsyst dot com - managed hosting, you buy fixed product but need to always ask for restart and becomes frustrating if by any chance there are some errors when deploying application. Good starter for beginners, if host company has good and willing support team
  2. dailyrazor dot com - semi managed, you have private server which you can restart when ever you want/need. They often more flexible on combination of software. (I'm here at the moment)
  3. linode dot com - VPS(virtual private server) specially dedicated machine just for you wiwth some default hardware you can upgrade with add on packages, but clean of any software. You have selection options of operating systems and what software you want on it. However it is your responsibility to secure it. (Looking forward to move here in January)