Hello All,

I am new to JSP. Currently i am working on jsp project with mysql.
I got stucked with jsp date and time which supports mysql datetime format.

Please come up with your suggestions.
Thanks in Advance.


please explain what type of calculation you want to do with your date time

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kindly be more specific with your problem.
One solution which i can give you is the use of java.util.DateFormat class

<%@ page import="java.text.*,java.util.*" session="true"%>
<head><title>Date Format Example</title></head>
DateFormat date = DateFormat.getDateInstance
(DateFormat.FULL, Locale.US);
String result = date.format(new Date());
<b>Today's date is: <%= result %></b>
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The DateFormat class also provides different styles like FULL, LONG, MEDIUM, SHORT.

FULL- it specifies completely, such as Wednesday, July 9, 2008 AD or 6:13pm.
LONG- it specifies as July 9, 2008 or 6:13pm.
MEDIUM - it specifies as Jul 9,2008.
SHORT - it specifies as 09.07.08 or 6:13pm