give me complete code to see content of table and after tat edit data everytime diff an update it in same table of database

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I'll start you off, but i wont give you any 'complete code'.
If you don't know much about PHP or MySQL, read these tutorials before continuing: http://w3schools.com/PHP/php_mysql_intro.asp

You'll first want to connect+select a database, then use an SQL SELECT query to get the data. The easiest way to print a table out would be to have a while loop: while $row = mysql_fetch_row($result) , and output each item in the table like echo '<td>'.$row[0].'</td><td>'.$row[1]'</td>'; For editing, you could add links to each row to edit them (which goes to another page) which has an HTML <form> that sends data to a PHP file. That PHP file would send an sql UPDATE or INSERT statement to the database.)

All links are to w3schools.com

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