Is there a simple php way to make a webpage read-only, please?

This question makes no sense. Pages are read-only. You are probably not formulating this correctly. Post again and explain what you want PHP to do. We'll help you on your way to do it.

This question makes no sense.

Really glad the slogan is about the friendliest forum.
I need to make a webpage read-only. It is a php webpage, and I'd like to code it to be read-only. Cheers

Thanks v much, MitkOK, but where and how does that go in the page, please? I've looked at it on the php site, but don't follow how it is supposed to go.
I mean, say the page is 'content/display.php', do you have to state chmod is for that particular page, or is the meaning just assumed for whatever page it is used on, please?

What do you mean by read only? You don't want people to copy the text? Or save the page?

The tutorial I am trying to follow through says to make the page read-only. I had assumed it was so that it couldn't be hacked - that any changes made couldn't be saved.
I can't really think of any other reason for doing it.


If you're uploading files with ftp client, there must be an option to change permissions.

More info about chmod -> link

- Mitko Kostov

"Read only" is a file access issue, not a PHP issue. If your web server is set up correctly, only authorized users should be able to change your page anyway, so read-only will only keep you from doing so.

Most service providers have a way to set permissions on files. A common issue with Perl scripts, for example, is improper permissions, so service providers have to let you change them. (PHP usually doesn't have this problem.)