I have two sites www.abc.com and www.xyz.com, both are using phpproads. I just want one database for those two websites.

PHPPROADS uses database table to redirect site url, but not found how and where it redirects code lies.

If anybody knows anything about that then please share with me.


I think there should be a config setting for your database. Just point it to the one you want to use.

Hi thanks for your quickest reply. :)

When I changed config settings for the abc.com to xyz.com then abc.com redirects to xyz.com.


/* Database Host Name */ 
$db_host = 'localhost'; 
/* Database Username */ 
$db_username = '******'; 
/* Database Login Password */ 
$db_password = '******'; 
/* Database and Session prefixes */ 
define('DB_PREFIX', 'proads_'); ## Do not edit ! 
define('PPA_DB_PREFIX', 'proads_'); ## For integration purposes - do not edit! 
define('SESSION_PREFIX', 'proads_'); 
define('PPA_SESSION_PREFIX', 'proads_'); ## For integration purposes, needs to be the same as SESSION_PREFIX if edited 
/* Database Name */ 
$db_name = 'database';

when I change one of them config settings same as other, then It redirects to that website.

Cheers!!! :)

I think you'd better contact proads support then.


Do everybody have same to say?

got stuck.