hi guys,

i have enrolled to for brainbench php certification which is due in another month and half, but i havent prepared specifically for the test yet, till now i have just played around with some codes, done lil bit of trial n error stuff thats it. here is the syllabus for the test
Communication Functions:FTP,FileSystem,HTTP
Databases:Connections,Database Usage,SQL
General Functions: PDF,Regular Expressions,XML
Language Functions:Arrays,Date/Time,Image,Math and Logic,Strings
Language Structure:Basics,Exceptions,Functions,Namespaces
Object Oriented PHP:Advanced Class Theory,Basics,Class Relations

i need to prepare on these lines, if anyone can post the links to resource to the following, it wud be very helpful
1.i have no idea about communication functions, database usage, pdf
2.very lil knowledge of regex, xml.
3.i am not able to figure out what is this Image in language functions.
4.object oriented php.

is there anyone who has taken this test? pls help me
expecting a lot of reply guys...thanks

well the best advice I can give for finding that information is by going through the documentation on www.php.net, if you search for, 'ftp' it will come up with the book on the ftp functions.

I know this answer may not seem like the one you may of wanted, but the best thing to do, especially when studying for a programming test, is to just sit back and program. Just keep trying through trial and error and when you run into a more specific problem then post it here for help.

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