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Details: Design an algorithm that will produce a list of selected student names from a student file. Each input student record contains the students number, the students name, semester hours, and the age.
Your program is to read the student files and prepare a list of names of a full time student (12 credits) who are 30 years old or older, and are taking more than 20 semester hours. Place 3 asterisks after the students name. Print headings and column headings at the top of each page.

I have the arrays created so far but I could use help at the point where I need to pull the students based on specific details. (I think I need a while loop but I'm not to sure)

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var students = new Array("John", "Joe", "Sally", "Eliza", "Jim", "Bob", "Pete")

var credits = new Array(12,20,10,22,12,6)
var numbers = new Array(1456,1798,1389,2468,2314,6754,7800)
var age = new Array(30,20,50,19,22,32)
var studinfo = students.concat(numbers,credits,age,)

while (age[i] >= 30 )


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Good start, but I think you could use a better defined data structure. How about an array of objects, like so:

// Defines an array of objects:
StudentList = [ {}, {}, {} ];

StudentList[0].age = "29";
StudentList[0].semesterHours = 12;

StudentList[1].name = "Venom";
StudentList[1].age = "32";
StudentList[1].semesterHours = 14;

StudentList[2].name = "Hobgoblin";
StudentList[2].age = "34";
StudentList[2].semesterHours = 13;

alert( StudentList[1].name );

Then you can just loop over the StudentList array (StudentList.length) and filter it out based on criteria.


really worked in my project .....this code was perfectly correct as far as errors are concerned.

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