I'm trying to get a list of directories using the <CFDIRECTORY tag but the return dataset is only displaying the files in the directory and not the sub-directories. The directory I'm attempting to query has 1 file and many sub-directories but the result only returns the single file. Does any one have any idea where I should look?

Here's the code - could there be some sort of Admin Setting that prevents the directory files from showing?

	  SORT="Name ASC" 

<CFQUERY DBTYPE="query" NAME="FilesQuery">
	    SELECT Directory,Name,DATELASTMODIFIED,Size,Type FROM DirectoryQuery
	    ORDER BY Directory,Name,DateLastModified desc

The problem is the "filter". Using *.* will filter out most directories because they don't have a "." in the name. Remove the filter and cfdirectory will return everything (files and subdirectories).

That did the trick - thanks a lot! I see this used to work in CF5 when they still returned the "." and ".." current and parent directory listings. We're using CF7 now. Thanks again

Oh ... yeah, I remember that. Thank goodness they got rid of the "." and ".."!