I have one asp.net application at server side, having oracle database,
Now my question is what is minimum requirement at the client side i.e, should i install oracle at client side to access database from client side?

>what is Minimum requirement at the client side?


If you are writing a .NEt Application even if its in java or C++ , you don't need to install Oracle on the clients machine. The Oracle should be on the Server and should be accessed by your clients application from there. I have never written any apps that target Oracle, but i know its the same way we do with SQL , the only difference is the connection string.


The only requirement to access an asp.net web application (if not web service) from client PC is a browser like IE, Firefox etc. You don't need to install Oracle client at client PCs. If asp.net application and Oracle database are running different servers, you need to install Oracle client in the server where the asp.net application is running.

If the application is a desktop application (Windows Forms), you need to install Oracle client at client PC along with installation of that application.