I'm a Java developer and i have created a forum in InvisionFree, that uses a Invision Power Board, but i want to index my forum to Google, how i can do this, remember that my account is free, then i can't upload files for the root of my forum.

Nathan Paulino Campos

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Do you mean you want Google to index your forum? If so, this is a process that you will have to wait for. Google follows links on other sites, so when the Google Bot finds a like to your site it will follow it to your forum. Most people don't know this, but Google might have already indexed their pages. Do a Google search for site:[YOUR URL HERE] to see if your site has already been indexed. If not, you can submit it on this Google Submission Page. Make sure there are links to your site though. Place it in your forum signature, spread the link around the web, tell people about your forum, and you should have a higher page rank and a better chance of being #1 on a Google search for your forum. It might be a good idea to submit to Bing and Yahoo. Even though they aren't as popular, you will have a better chance of being found.

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