Hi Everyone, i was thinking of creating an online chat system for students as a final year project, i desperately need ideas on how i can go about my project. Any idea you send to me will be very helpful.Thank you :-|

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OK, Im gonna hook you up, but DON'T CHEAT SUCKA! If u do, you'll end up having to reteach yerself all your crap after you graduate, like me. Believe me, it sux to teach yerself. Especially if you're already an idiot. ANYHOO, here is a basic sample chat room made with ASP.NET. Its very, very basic, and lacking a lot of typical features, but it should get you started.

Everyone should understand that this code is NOT mine, but an example extracted from: "ASP.NET for Dummies" (like me :mrgreen: ), by Bill Hatfield. Good luck, have fun, don't suck!

The Café

The Café is a complete, real-time chat room. Users sign in and choose a nickname to identify themselves in the room. From there, they enter the primary window, where they can type messages and see messages typed by others. There's even a list down the right-hand side of the window of all the users currently in the Café.


Thanks mate, appreciate your help, take care and dont suck

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