Hey everyone,

I have this really weird problem with Visual Studio .Net. If I add some breakpoints here and there on some pages and then run my app., the breakpoints move to some other lines (not always lines with code, and breakpoints dont span the same length as the code). It looks as if code I recently added is not included when I run it.

Has anyone had this problem?


I created a new project, added all the exact same file to it and now I don't have the problem anymore. I don't really understand why because I had tryed this a couple of tiomes before and it didn't work. The problem is solved but I would still like to have some explanation on the subject if somebody can provide one.


Thats because VS.NET is BAD. Dont play with it. LOL Jus kidding

I think there should be some problem with your Machine Debug Manager. Visual Studio.NET uses a service called Machine Debug Manager (MDM.EXE) to do debugging. Its an external and Privilege service.
It screws up sometimes and most of the problem created by this service will be solved if you recreate the application or sometimes restart the whole application (Worse case).

Like I previously said, I don't have the problem anymore. I wouldn't restart the app from scratch... it has been in development for over a year. ;)

Thanks anyway

I got a link that answers my questions:

:D Well you mistook recreate the application keyword. It basically means what you just did. Create a new project and add these files to it. Or what I usually do is delete the Solution file and rebuild the project. It works fine.

Redo the whole project from scratch, Boy I not a mad man. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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