Not sure if this is the right place to post this.
I'm currently working on my personal site, and was wondering how would I connect a desktop application to my site without entering my site on a browser. I'm not here to get any codes worked by someone but I just want an idea on how to implement such idea. Doesnt care how I connect whether with or without authentication(aka password username...).

Im using php javascript mysql...
my running webserver is apache/php/mysql

Many Thanks to the person that can lead me achieving my goal.

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ok we gonna help if we get more details on wat u askin about
like the connection purpose ? wat programmin language ur desktop application
implemented with etc..
plz give a few more details

I was planning on using c# for my desktop application, the purpose of connection is an easy access for admins which I will assign to my fellow group once I've finish working on it. For example an admin wants to post something new in the news section, something like that. Or wants to chat. he doesnt need to go the site anymore.

hi jingo1126
sorry if use C# i have lil knowledge about it so i cant help in this
as i have some knowledge in java and maybe C# do it same way ..
u have libs that let u connect to ur server and read and write data on
so u can ask in C# forums to get help about it

sorry again and i would like to help but have no way on since im not good with c#

good luck

ok thanks anyway ill search for those libraries..

i think u can find some on sf dot net since they provide as many as u can imagine project to help do so

good luck again and u can close ur thread now to let other unsolved thread to come up

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