Ok, so I have a website on a CMS. Love it, except I can't process and dynamic code like PHP. My problem is thus: I have a form that needs to be processed through PHP due to it's complex nature (the CMS can't fully process the info). Now, we have a server at that we can host Apache on...and even shows up as a subdomain on the domain the form will be on. My question is thus: Are there any security issues to worry about when doing this "server hopping"? My plan is to have the form on the CMS and have it process through our server. Will this be acceptable security wise? Is there any tips on how to really secure the form?


CMS and Security ? Are you joking ? Content Management Systems are not programming language nor have any security control they are good in what their title refers to “Content Management” if you need security its time to develop rather then use.

Well..yes, I know. But I can code HTML on this one and want to pass the Post data to another server, one that has PHP and I can develop on. And the CMS that I am using as called LightCMS. Seems to be pretty secure.