Hi Guys,
Aplologies for the length but I wanted to be clear.
I'm trying to make a website where people can update their status's (like facebook). Just learning PHP. I have added a functionality whereby one can update their status(text only) or can update their status(text and upload a photo for that status). I have been able to do this but after updating, the difficulty is showing one's previous updates in the form of:

avatar pic - update text - update image(if image)

avatar pic - update text - default image(if update image not uploaded)

default avatar pic - update text - default image(if update image not uploaded)

with the latest updates first and then the rest in descending order.

If all updates for a user have update pics(ie. wid_updates.attached_picture_is not null, then I do not have a problem. If a user does not put up a pic update, then all hell breaks loose when returning previous updates.


[PK=user_id, FK=user_avatar_id] 
user_id      username  user_avatar_id,(shortened table)
92           kkjay          24
95           njama         null
[PK=update_id, (FK=user_id, attached_picture_id)]       
update_id    update_text 	attached_picture_id 	user_id 	timestamp     
26 	     Done dana   	24 	                92 	2011-01-05 12:39:27
27 	     Qzzz. 	        25 	                92 	2011-01-05 12:42:18
29 	     Psys guys  	26 	                95 	2011-01-05 13:50:54
31           I am fine 		null                    92 	2011-01-05 15:41:52
[PK=picture_id, FK=user_id]
picture_id 	picture_url 	           picture_thumb_url          	     user_id
24 	../User_Pictures/9042.png 	../User_Pictures/Thumbs/9042.png 	92 	
25 	../User_Pictures/81104.jpg 	../User_Pictures/Thumbs/81104.jpg 	92 	
26 	../User_Pictures/64124.jpg 	../User_Pictures/Thumbs/64124.jpg 	95

NB:Update pics are first saved into pictures table then their picture_id saved into the wid_updates table as attached_pic_id foreign key.

My PHP query:

<?php require_once('Connections/connections.php'); ?>
//query user_avatar_id and user_id
$username = $_SESSION['UserSession'];
$query_user_info = "SELECT user_avatar_id, user_id FROM users WHERE username='$username'";
$user_info_result = mysql_query($query_user_info) or die(mysql_error());	
$user_info = mysql_fetch_assoc($user_info_result);
$avatar_id = $user_info['user_avatar_id'];
$user_id = $user_info['user_id'];

//query avatar thumb from pictures
$query_avatar_thumb = "SELECT picture_thumb_url FROM picture WHERE picture_id='$avatar_id'";
$avatar_thumb_result = mysql_query($query_avatar_thumb) or die(mysql_error());	
$avatar_thumb = mysql_fetch_assoc($avatar_thumb_result);

//query update image
$query_wid_updates = "SELECT update_text, picture_thumb_url FROM wid_updates JOIN picture ON 
(wid_updates.user_id = $user_id && wid_updates.attached_picture_id = picture.picture_id) ORDER BY wid_updates.update_id DESC";
$wid_updates = mysql_query($query_wid_updates, $connections) or die(mysql_error());
$row_wid_updates = mysql_fetch_assoc($wid_updates);

The display:

<?php do { ?>                                      
<table width="460" border="0">                     
   <td height="50" width="50"><a href="profile.php"><img src="Images/<?php echo $avatar_thumb['picture_thumb_url']; ?>" 
   height="50" width="50" border="0"/></a></td>
   <td width="360" colspan="3" class="overide" id="update_box"><div><?php echo $row_wid_updates['update_text']; ?></div></td>
   <td width="50"><a href="pictures.php"><img src="Images/<?php echo $row_wid_updates['picture_thumb_url']; ?>" 
   height="50" width="50" border="0"/></a></td>
   <td width="50" height="30"></td>
   <td width="120"></td>
   <td width="120" class="ordinary_text_12_green">Comment</td>
   <td width="120"></td>
   <td width="50"></td>
<?php } while ($row_wid_updates = mysql_fetch_assoc($wid_updates)); ?>

The results I get are wid_updates 27 and 26 together with the avatar and update images. The null update (31) cannot be seen. Please help. I've spent most of the day trying and nothing. I appreciate any help.

I think this may help.
SELECT user_avatar_id, user_id FROM users WHERE username='$username' ORDER BY user_id DESC