I am facing a unique bug on a website I am developing, Its occurring only for IE(I am using IE8) that too only on the online version of the site, On my local machine its working perfectly and on all other browsers(firefox, safari, and chrome) its working perfectly both on online version and on local version.
The problem is on this page: http://freej.ae/freejaetest/en/FreejEpisodes.aspx, After navigating to the given link please selcect "season 1" from "choose your season" links, from there please select "Images" button on the right side of the flash video, Now you can see images in the box where flash was running previously. I am using jquery colorbox when images are clicked to show large images, Here is the bug, If you check on other browsers colorbox will work but on IE8 it will not work.
One other thing I am facing on this site and it is also related to only online version of the site on IE8 as said above, Please navigate to this link: http://freej.ae/freejaetest/en/mediaclipping.aspx, Select "2" from the pager at the bottom, After loading the page main flash banner is disappearing.
Hope I am clear in explaing the issue, Please Let me know for anything to be cleared..
Appreciate your quick help..


Is anybody there who can help me, still waiting for help..Thanks in advance.

Hi Guys

At last I figured it out, The problem is with ready method in jquery. It is behaving differently on different browsers.
Actually I wrote a code snippet under document.ready but now I wrote a function under document.ready and calling that function on onclick event and thats it..it solved the problem..


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