Hi all,
Does anyone know of any software/classes that can be used to generate images of network diagrams? We are using a tool called Graphviz using Perl at the moment but the diagrams are looking a little bit dated! The networks will be pretty small, consisting of 3 or 4 servers along with two or three other types of equipment.
Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated.

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Just to clarify, does this have to be an online real-time tool or is it basically a static image?


The image will be based on database values that are updated when a new piece of equipment is added to the network. The image will need to be re-generated on a page refresh - I'm not too fussed on real-time or AJAX type of stuff, but I guess I don't really mind. It would also be desirable to display information such as ip addresses, connection types, port numbers, storage enclosures etc. The prettier the better, the faster the better ;)

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