I am retired person who volunteers for several youth organizations. I have no IT training. In my capacity as a volunteer I manage a couple of websites using Front Page.
Because of some issues with ASP, I am attempting to migrate some work I completed in Front Page to a .net environment.
Question. I am attempting to forward a parameter from a dropdown box to a another page using a hyperlink. Tthen update a table in an access data base with the information but can't seem to figure it out
Here's the code for the Dropdown Box - Page 1

<asp:DropDownList id="DropDownListcofc" runat="server" DataSourceID="AccessDataSource1" DataTextField="Certify" DataValueField="Certify" Height="16px">
Here's the code the hyperlink 
<a href='http://www.gejfa.net/billie/test1.aspx?ID=<%= Request.QueryString("ID") %>&amp;CofC=<%= Request.Form("Certify") %>'><span class="style11"> </span>
			<span class="style10"><span class="style9">
The ID variable is the MaxID from the table I am attempting to update. The ID value forwards but the value for the dropdownbox doesn't. Here's is the result [url]http://www.gejfa.net/billie/test1.aspx?ID=20&CofC=[/url]

Also is this the right syntax to update the database with this information.
<asp:AccessDataSource runat="server" ID="AccessDataSource1" DataFile="Billie.mdb"
UpdateCommand="UPDATE CheckTable SET CofC = @CofC_Value WHERE Id = Id ">
                    <asp:FormParameter FormField="DropDownListCofC" Name="Type_Value"  Type="String"/>     

Sorry for my ignorance and thanks for your help.

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Update statement need two parameters. Post complete table structure and markup here.