lol will do. I actually went to and posted a thread with link to the application. I have a reply, but I hadnt uploaded my newest files, so did that and waiting to see what they

I actually went to

Smarter brains than mine live there. So hopefully you'll have better luck. lol

lol well if they are smarter than you and you are smarter than me...guess that makes me fairly dumb...hahaha

Yeah the guy that replied is actually a friend of a friend of mine....who was both our instructor at our local community college.

... or it makes you "smart", me "smarter" and them "friggin geniuses". It's all in the spin ;-)

Ok I like the sound of that much

Ok I like the sound of that much

Since I'm often on the bottom rung, I've learned to "adjust" my perception of things ;-)

Ahh well maybe one day I can be somewhere in the I dont set unreachable goals!

yes, the thread was marked solved. I didnt post my final code since it has sensitive material in it.