I wonder if someone could help, please. I'm having trouble with a drop down menu; it works fine in IE, but appears in a different position in Chrome and Firefox. If I alter the positioning, then it works fine in Chrome and FF, but not it IE.
I've tried using Firebug to sort it out, and also the validator, but hasn't helped. I've also been through the HTML and the CSS with a fine-toothed comb, but just cannot seem to find the solution. I'd be so grateful for any help.
Here's the link to the page:


and the CSS link is....


I'd be really grateful for any help at all.



I just glanced at your page and noticed 2 things right off the bat. Both of which need to be corrected before you're going to be able to work this out.

1. You can't put a block tag inside an inline tag. And that's what you've done. You have <div> tags inside of <span> tags in your navigation list.
2. If you try to validate your HTML, you'll see that you have 48 errors and 18 warnings. You'll never get cross-browser compatibility with some of those errors. Things like unclosed <div> tags, etc. will, of course, create all sort of issues.

Also, I notice that you're using a transitional doctype. You're better off switching to strict and working on getting your code to validate properly. It will solve the majority of your problems. Finally, I strongly suggest finding a good css reset script (look at Eric Meyers script.) Reset scripts will force all the browsers to rid themselves of their default parameters and start on a level playing field. Again, this makes life somewhat easier.

Good luck.


Thank you, both, for your help, I'll work on this using your suggestions this coming week, and will post a result at the weekend.
Many thanks once again.