Hi, all

I want to get the data from the div tag, from this website http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstraveler/hourbyhour/PKXX0008?begHour=7&begDay=4

when you click on the firebug in firefox you can see there is a

and under this div there are more divs there, I want to get the data (i,e,. only the 3pm, 25,25 , 13... and so on)

Time 3pm Condition 25degree Centigrade Feels Like 25degree Centigrade Chance Precip 0% Humidity 23% Wind abc )

and save it into an array. plz see the attach file

if any buddy have any tutoiral of this , then plz send it to me..

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Hmmm, I don't know if this is wise. Is the info open or protected, i.e. are you allowed to lift it? I assume that there would be some sort of SOAP/ web service if the data was open.

You can rip data from pretty much any site with cURL. However, you're pretty much at the mercy of that website. If they have a makeover, the logic may change.

I did a weather project a few years back where the page ripped info from the top weather and satellite sites. It was a private cURL project just to see if it was possible. It is, but that doesn't mean you can use the data in any way you want.

Yahoo! has an api that allows you to some use (3 days I think). They have access to a 5 day forecast, but I reckon you'd have to pay for that.

I found this site particularly informative: http://www.wunderground.com/ for maps, moon phases, etc.

if you have any weather api tutorial then plz share it to me, or if you have any source code script in php, that is get the data from a weather website, and show me the weather forecasting hourly,, then plz share it to me

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Listen chanda, this is not a 'give me your code now' site. We generally help people with their code, not do all the work for them.

ok. I will send my code may be on tomorrow or may be on wednesday, so that you can help me from that code, ok

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