Is it better to learn html, javascript, php, then mysql if you want to start ur site? Is it better to learn it in that order?

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I think you are on right track. html, javascript, css are all client side technologies and are bit easy to grasp. And for these you just need a web-browser to practice.

php and mysql on other hand can be learn side by side as both are used very closely. And they required web server setup.

Well, HTML and JavaScript are client side as Luckychap said. If you are building a static web page (no database required), these two would be enough to build a web site. If you need to deal with database, then MySQL would be needed (unless you want to use other SQL engine). If you choose to use PHP to deal with database, then you need to learn both simultaneously (unless you are using other language to deal with database).

I started with DreamWeaver, and followed some tutorials on youtube. That taught me the basics of CSS and HTML. Then I tried adding some javascript for moving menus about and stuff, then had a go at PHP, MySQL just sort of creaped up on me, and it's really easy to use with php.

Just get a freehosting service like webhost000, they have php and MySQL on there and it's all free and easy to set up. Good Luck :)

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