After answering a lot of questions on this Forum, I found that many common questions keep coming back because newbies don't search prior to posting and we don't have a standard reference to send them to. My New Year's resolution was to create a FAQ to provide the best possible answers for some of the more common queries. I created an initial version and I now have a link to it in my signature. I intend to refer people to it when some of these questions come up. This is just the initial list and I know there will be other topics to be added. I'd be quite happy to see a standard Daniweb FAQ that would supercede this but for now I've done my own.

I welcome constructive feedback for any improvements or additional questions that deserve to be in the list. I guess that eventually there could be a couple of additional levels of FAQ for experienced PHP people and the advanced group but for now, this hits the people with the greatest need.

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Nice one Chrishea. Anything that can give a noob some immediate relief without clogging up the site must be a good thing.

I think that a DW-based repository could be useful as you mention. It's just a shame that some new members find the search function so difficult to use.

Global rules shall be posted e.g parsor error has common reason that we dont close the lines properly and 90 % of errors in these forums will get soloved through these rules
thanks for good initiative

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