Dear All,
Attached is one sample image. I would like to make it dynamic with different tyre configuration. The next thing I want is the ability to drag (each of the different tyres) to say few different functionalities which will be represented as icons. Thank you. Any idea.

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OK, so where's your code?

You are using a js framework? Flash? HTML5 canvas? Java?

Why is this php?


Dear Ardav,
I dont have any code yet quite stuck how to start and run this ? Any idea please? Thank you.


You have a pretty vague requirement where you want to use a dynamic feature but the full context for it and the purpose of it is unclear and maybe not defined. If you don't already have an outline of your application defined, I suggest that you start there. The user-interface features are just a means to an end. If you already have some knowledge of PHP and if you have a need for a server application (and a database), then PHP would be a good choice. It won't give you the dynamic user interface so for that you would need to use something like JQuery. You could use Java (and a variety of other languages) as well so it depends on what you want to do and what skills and knowledge you already have.

Your mission is to define what you want to do in more detail, assess your own skills and knowledge, make a choice of the development language / environment that you want to use (that can provide you with the functionality that you need) and then find or put together some code for an initial version. No one else can do this for you (unless you want to hire someone!). The most you can hope for are some examples doing similar things to what you want to do or some components (like JQuery plugins) that provide some of the functionality. Once you decide on a language / environment then you can start looking for them. The internet is your friend. You can probably find examples and tutorials once you can narrow down what you are looking for.

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Dear Chrissea,
I totally agree with your statements. My first task if you notice in attached image I want to be able to drag and drop each of the tyres. So how do you think I can achieve the first task itself. Thank you.


You need to decide on a technology/language that would be the easiest for you to use/learn. What skills/experience to do currently have?

If you have no programming skills whatsoever, you're going to find this difficult. You could re-jig a flash (fla) file from an online tutorial maybe. You may even be able to fit an implementation from jQuery drag and drop (see jqueryui examples).

Whichever method you employ, you'll need to sort out a grid / table / drop sites and create draggable elements. This isn't too difficult for a beginner-intermediate level js coder. However, if you've never touched js before, it can appear daunting - that's why I use jquery - it hides all the scary stuff. However, you do need a working knowledge in order to modify example code.

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