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How is a JSP processed ?

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Okie, A JSP is converted into a Servlet by the application server and then the request is serviced.Once compiled , the servlet object created from the JSP remains in memory just like any other servlet.When a change is made to the JSP then the servlet object get re_created.This could vary depending on the server.

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What is an 'include'?
And mention the types of 'includes'?

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We can use the <jsp:include>element to include either a static or dynamic resource in a JSP page.If the resource is static,its content is included in the calling JSP page as it is.If the resources is dynamic,it acts on a request and sends back a result that is included in the JSP page.
If the included resource is dynamic, we can use <jsp:param>clause to pass the name and value of a parameter to the resources.

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How do we use Tag Libraries in a JSP?

A tag library is a set of actions that encapsulate functionality. These tags are then used within JSP pages. This helps us to reuse common functionality like connecting to a database.
<%@ taglibprefix="sql" uri="http://java.sun.com/jst1/sql"%>

How is exception handling done in JSP ?
What are the implicit objects in JSP ?
show some examples pls.