Please help..

i need a script for this problem.

i have 2 different departments,
one is accounting and the other is payment.

it should be the accounting page will create a transaction and when the transaction has been done, the webpage of the payment department will automatically show that there is a new transaction made by accounting department so that they can process the payment and immediately update the tag of the database as paid and the accounting department will see the changes and they are going to release the cards etc.

i want to do this in dynamic manner. i can do this but not dynamically,
i build a script but the 2pages should be refreshed before they can see the actual changes that occured into the database..

Please give me an idea and explain the functions there..

I am totally new to php and i need some help from the expert out there. thank you in advance.. hope you can help me please.. thanks

If you want to do this then you should have a look at javascript. You will need to poll the server at an interval to get the changes.

may be ajax and php should be used to retrive the data from the database and update the pages in periodic intervals of time.