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I just posted an AJAX forms generator that will read a MYSQL table, allow you to define how the fields are treated and then generate the necessary HTML, Javascript and PHP files to implement the form.

You end up with a complete and working form backed by code thats very easy to modify and enhance and is certainly ready to deploy... you just add graphics!

I need some people to give it a try... AND give me some feedback!


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After selecting a table, it brings me to tableparam.php which has a few errors. On line 20 of the tableparam.php file you have the variable $database which doesn't exist.

I am also getting:

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:\programming\stillwaters\public_html\forms\inc\mysqlAjaxForm.class.php on line 88

genform.php also has the $database variable error, along with an fopen error because the directory 'html' doesn't exist.

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Awesome! I'll look at those tonight and tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to do this... what works on a dev machine will often not work on someone elses! LOL

I'll post fixes as soon as I can!


I tried the new code and it seems to work. Overall I would say it can be a useful tool to procedural coders.

A few things I found that you might think about doing:

- Make the code PHP5 strict.
- Make the forms work without ajax. Some people don't use javascript and have it disabled.
- There are sql injection vulnerabilities in the script. They need to be fixed.

I would need to test it more thoroughly to find other problems.

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