Hi again!!
I am stuck into a new problem.I have a invoice form with regular fields in it and when the user press the print button, I want to print it out in desired formatting like, company name, address etc. at the top of the page, and so on.
Can anyone (as always) suggest me some simple solution for this??I found lot of examples on google for this which mainly emphasis on PDF format.I dont need to save the form at all but just want to print the form.
Looking forward for answer in anticipation.

Should not be that difficult. Create a printer-friendly page using a table based layout. This can be done by either redirecting the user to another "Print" page or can be done using a popup window. Once the page has loaded, use the window.print() javascript event to prompt for printing.

Try it with code, if you still have a problem, post the code and I'll help you out.

the other way you can create a simple short cut to directly reach this location .
you better save it on the desktop

Thanks a lot sudeepjd.I will try this on n if have some problem, I will reply u.