hi ...

i am working on a tool using struts, here i need ur help, for following problem

while i click on one tab(monitor) and select value in a combo box and go back on other tab(admin), den again if i come back on monitor page then i need to persist my selected value in combo box .
it always showing default value all.

please help me on the same.



i am using one JSP (monitor.jsp) where i am using following combo box
here values in options are coming out from databse using a bean class Transaction Type.
(By using different methods of transactionType we are generating here one value)

<select name="transactionType" id="transactionType" class="input_box" onChange="transactionTypeChanged();">
     <option id="-1" value="-1">All</option>
  <logic:iterate id="transactionType" name="transactionTypesList">
 <option id="transactionType-<bean:write name="transactionType" property="name"/>" name="<bean:write name="transactionType" property="name"/>" value="<bean:write name="transactionType" property="id"/>|<bean:write name="transactionType" property="name"/>|<bean:write name="transactionType" property="version"/> ">
<bean:write name="transactionType" property="name"/> [<bean:write name="transactionType" property="version"/>] - <bean:write name="transactionType" property="description"/>

(in my tool each combo box have der dependacncy .
like when you select one value in first combo box then in second combo box respective values will come out. hence i have used onchange method, and by using ajax refreshing the respective values.)

what condition should i apply in this case so that each time when i come back on monitor it persist all my search criteria in combo box

please help me for above problem, i am stuck here badly