Hey everyone. So for example sake I have this:

<form name="form1">
<select name="useraccounts" id="" value="" onChange="">
<option id="" value="">cant login</option>
<option id="" value="">forgot password/option>

<form name="form2">
<select name="computers" id="" value="" onChange="">
<option id="" value="">physically broken</option>
<option id="" value="">needs repair</option>


<form name="form">
<select name="selection" onChange="">
<option id="" value="">(value of the SELECT name from index.php)</option>
<option id="" value="">(value of the OPTION selected from index.php)</option>

I need to get the value of the SELECT name and the value of the OPTION that is selected onto a form on another php page.

I need/would like this to happen as a popup window when the OPTION is selected on either form from index.php. So I'm assuming I'd be using an onChange event.

How can I get these values onto the next page? I don't know much about SESSIONS but I'm assuming this would be the way. The tricky part is that on my page I actually have 8 forms similar to the two above (on index.php) all with different data. Do need to assign them all different values or ids or what?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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form action="link to other page "

in the other page value is available as $_POST

Thanks for the help. But this isn't grabbing the selected <option> and inserting it into my popup.php dynamically.

$_POST Would make me have to retype all the values I have from the index.php page into my popup.php wouldn't it?

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