I am building a website using PHP. I need to be able to send SMSs(Messages) from my site to
mobiles using some free sms service providing site like ways2sms.com. I don know how i can accomplish this task. Can anyone help me....?

This topic has been discussed many many times. Look at old posts on Daniweb and have a look at my help page topic.

Be wary of free services. Your users may pay a price if you use such a service. You can send an SMS without using such a service.

hey thanks a lot yar.....the link you have given was very useful... Will be more thankful if i successfully implement it...

I believe kishanillur is in India. I tried what chrishea said but was not able to get it to work. I have implemented a SMS system in one of my other sites, unfortunately for us, we do not have a free SMS gateway.

There are several paid SMS gateways though which provide a HTTP API you can use to send messages. They are worth trying out and easy to search for.

All the best.

Ya Iam an Indian. Could you plz tell me how i can successfully implement it.....?

From a quick search, it seems that Airtel is the biggest cell provider in India and they have all kinds of SMS options (but they may not be free). In North America, all cell phone providers have a special email address where you include the cell number and it converts the email message to an SMS message and sends it (at no cost to the sender). If you don't have the same thing in India then I understand why these "free" SMS services all seem to be based in India. You have to decide if risking the privacy of your customers is worth it.


In India we have can send FREE SMS's online from an already existing online application. This is always ad supported. However, they do not provide a HTTP Gateway for Web2SMS. In order to get a Web2SMS HTTP Gateway we need to pay for it here. :-)

Airtel is one of the big cellular providers. Other such as Vodafone and Idea are famous as well. However none of them provide a Free SMS Gateway :-(.

Sending messages from Cell to Cell is also mostly a paid service. And hence, the host of "free" online SMS services available.