Hi all,

I just start with my new forum use vbulletin, and I some help for coding / enlightment ...

Usually we hide our links/codes/downloads using post counting from members ( ex: you must have 5 posting before can see our code etc). Now we want people to click the ad/banner first before they can read or download our code.

anyone can help??? thanks alot.. :idea:

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Well, if you are using a MySQL database, and you have a table with a list of all your members, add a field called "saw_ad" and make it binary, with 0 by default.

Then, for the ad, make it point to <a href="clickad.php?m=membername"> ... You'll then need a clickad.php file which updates the saw_ad value in the database for the given member, and then redirects them to the page the ad is supposed to go to when you click it.

Then, it's just a matter of checking to see if the saw_ad field is set to 1 when a member tries to access your code snippets.


in addition, you could use a user/advert link table and gear it so you can make them click on different banners in order to see different attachments, rather than allow them to see everything after clicking one ad.


thanks guys..i'll try it..and let you know if it works :)

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