How to create a website where a user logins to the site and takes the quiz. And each time the difficulty level should increase after clearing each level. How to put the questions and how to do. should i do it in windows application or different pages for each question. some suggest me a idea.

Series of questions and a timer must run after submittting or time is over the score must be shown. how to display the questions. with what to work and how to connnect the page to that questionaire.

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If you want to limit your audience to windows users, then a client side app would be the way to go. Otherwise ASP.NET with either an XML or SQL data store. For front end, you could do a Silverlight app that connects to ASP.NET web-service for data, or package the XML file with it.

What is your target audience with this? Is there a need to store user data, or just quiz data? What are your non technical requirements, as these will help you find what your technical ones should be? application(file system) is best to create quiz website. You don't have to create seperate page for each question.
1. Create a database and a table with 7 columns-:
i)serialno(identity column)
ii)question(write question here)
iii)option a
iv)option b
v)option c
vi)option d

then create the first page as login page
then create second page(with 5 labels and 1 button,1gridview(visible=false))
first label is for question
second,third,fourth,fifth label for options a, b, c, d.
button is for move to next question
gridview is for creating connection
Now, On the page load event retrieve the values of labels by the query-:
int r=0;
//column 2
//column 3
//column 4
//column 5
//column 6
//column 7
char answer=Gridview1.Rows[r].Cells[6].Text.ToString();

Check the user selected option with the answer variable
if optionchoosed==answer, r++
otherwise redirect to third page(thankyou page).OK
I hope this information is useful to you, send me your feedback at <<Snipped>>


Can u tell me how to do a timer for the quiz code which is not changing even if i refresh the page or reload the page.......with minutes and seconds......

Depends on what kind of refresh you are talking about. Full page, or partial page. Partial page, you're gonna want to look into AJAX, but full page, that's a really tricky one.

how can we set partial page to refresh in aspx

Add a script manager and an update panel, and whatever you want to refresh needs to go inside this update panel. you can have multiple update panels, but they will all update at the same time, unless you change the default settings.

There is also an AJAX timer control.

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